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Sewage Extraction and Clean Up

1/4/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Sewage Extraction and Clean Up Emergency Extraction and Sanitizing was performed in the Sump Pump Pit. Raw Sewage was cleaned out and the Pit was Disinfected.

Commercial Sewage Extraction!

SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno offers Emergency Sewage Extraction and Sanitation to Commercial and Residential Properties.  If your Property or Place of Business  has an unexpected Toilet Over Flow, Sump Pump Failure, Sewer System or Septic Tank Back Up with Raw Sewage Call Us Now!

To Prevent further Spread and Contamination avoid all contact with the Raw Sewage or Waste Water.  Open any nearby Windows to air the Building out. 

Sewage Extraction and Clean Up requires the Handling of Infectious Waste.  Do not wait to have the Raw Sewage Cleaned and Sanitized.  Raw Sewage is a Health Hazard and can cause serious Disease.  

When you call us we provide Decontamination, Water Extraction, Pressure Washing, Cleaning and Disinfecting.  We have Special Equipment and the right Protection.  We aim at protecting your health by providing a safe, disinfected and clean environment.  

Call Us Now if you need Emergency Sewage Extraction at 650-794-1000

Why do I need Water Restoration?

1/3/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Why do I need Water Restoration? This is an example of Invasive Water Restoration. Engineered Wood Flooring, Drywall Ceiling and Walls was removed due to certain circumstances.

Why Water Restoration?

When your Property is affected by a Water Loss it is important to start the Restoration process right away to prevent further damage.  Restoration is the process of returning something, like your property, back to its normal condition.   

A Water Loss can happen at any time.  The Water can travel and spread everywhere through the paths of least resistance.  Porous Materials throughout the property will soak up the Water.  If this is not treated and dried properly more severe damages can occur.   

Water Restoration is very important and can be performed in many ways. There can be a lot of cleaning, invasive repairing and drying involved depending on the circumstances. The sooner you start the Water Restoration the easier it is to get Water Damaged Property back to normal.

It's best to contact a Restoration Company with Professional Technicians to restore your property back to normal conditions.  

Contact SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno for Water Restoration at 650-794-1000.  

Drying Equipment during Water Restoration

1/3/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Drying Equipment during Water Restoration The Drying equipment is in full effect at this location. Saving and Drying Hardwood Floors and Wood Framing.

The Importance of Drying Equipment!

During Water Restoration it is very Important to set up Drying Equipment right away.  Drying involves the Removal of Water.  The Drying Equipment Lowers the Humidity and Traps the Moisture in the Air.  Any standing water should be extracted prior to any Drying Equipment placement. 

In order to Dry certain materials you must prepare to remove moisture from the air.  Setting up a Drying Chamber around the affected Area will contain the moisture in the air.  Drying Equipment is placed within the Drying Chamber to Heat Up and Extract that moisture from the air and materials. All the Equipment work hand in hand together.

Drying Equipment is placed to Dry Carpets, Drywall, Wood and Framing.  Specialty Drying Equipment can also be placed to tackle unique drying challenges.  Especially when you are attempting to Dry certain materials like Hardwood Floors, Tile, Inside Walls or Under Cabinets.   

It is very Important to never turn off the Drying Equipment during the Drying Process.  If the Process is Stopped you will need to start the Process all over again.

Contact SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno to start your Water Restoration with Drying Equipment at 650-794-1000

Heavy Rain Can Cause Sewer Backups!

11/3/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Heavy Rain Can Cause Sewer Backups! This Business had a Sewage Backup caused from a Storm. Our Technicians was able to get onsite to Properly Clean and Mitigate the Sewage Damages.

Did you know Heavy Rains can cause Sewer Backups in your Home or Business?

Storms bring Heavy Rains and Heavy Rains can bring Floods.  Floods are known for causing extensive Water Damage to Homes and Businesses.  Even if the Flooding Area is away from your Property it can possibly cause a Sewage Backup inside your Home or Place of Business.

When the Public Drain System becomes over burdened with water and exceeds it's boundaries the Combined Sewer System becomes Overwhelmed and starts to stop the flow of water which then causes Water and Sewage to Reverse it's Flow of Direction.  When this happens the Sewage and Water starts to Backup in Toilets, Sinks, Showers, Bathtubs and Floor Drains.  That Sewage and Water will spread beyond it's limits inside Homes and Businesses.

If this Happens to you during a Heavy Rain Storm it is best to call a Professional Water Restoration Company, because if not Cleaned and Mitigated Properly that Sewage Backup can create a Health Hazard in your Home or Place of Business.

Call SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno at 650-794-1000!  We are the Professionals!

San Mateo County Commercial Water Damages

11/2/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial San Mateo County Commercial Water Damages This Hotel in South San Francisco had a Sprinkler Water Loss that affected Multiple Rooms and Levels. We were able to Extract the Water right away!

Don't Wait to Mitigate!

What do you do when your Place of Business or Commercial Property has an unexpected Water Loss?  Do you know who to call?

When your Place of Business or Commercial Property has a Water Loss it is best to start the Drying Process as soon as possible to avoid Secondary Damages.  The longer you wait to Mitigate the Water Loss the Damages becomes more severe and will interrupt your Business.  Is your Business Prepared? 

SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno offers a special program that can help your Place of Business or Commercial Property be Prepared during a Water Loss or Emergency.  The No Cost "Emergency Ready Profile" provides Building Photos, Facility Details, Priority Area's and Priority Contact Information when you need it most.  Your Key Management Employees can retrieve Critical Information Right Away to begin Mitigation and Recovery Services.  

Avoid Delay and Start Today! Call 650-794-1000 and Mention Free "ERP"!

Storms in San Mateo County

10/19/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storms in San Mateo County This is a perfect example of what can happen after a Storm Hits in our Area. This Storm brought Heavy Winds and Rain with Fallen Trees and Debris.

Checking for Damages after a Storm

After a Storm hits our Community it is important to check for damages to your Residential or Commercial Property.  Storms bring Heavy Rain, Strong Winds, Debris, Fallen Trees and Branches.  Checking for any damages to your property is essential to keep any secondary damages from occurring.  

Where to Identify Any Damages

Roof Damage

  • Missing Shingles on Roof
  • Cracked or Broken Tiles, Slates or Concrete Shingles
  • Debris collected in Gutters or Down Spouts
  • Dents to Vents, Gutters or Flashings
  • Leaks in Roof or Ceilings

Exterior Damage

  • Cracks and Splitting to Siding or Stucco
  • Holes and Breaks to Siding or Stucco
  • Chipping or Discoloration to Paint
  • Vinyl or Metal Siding completely ripped off

Window Damage

  • Shattered Windows
  • Cracks or Holes
  • Broken Panes
  • Damaged Frames

The Exterior of our Homes or Business Sustains the Most Damage after a Storm Hits.  Inspecting your property is very important and can prevent Water from entering your Home or Business.  Maintain your Property and Prevent Severe Water Damage.  

Call SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno if you suspect Water Damage after a Storm at 650-794-1000.  We are Ready to assist you!

Commercial Sewage Damage in San Bruno, CA

10/19/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Sewage Damage in San Bruno, CA This Commercial Property had a Sewage Loss Occur Outside. Our Technicians took care of the Mess so the Business did not have too!

Sewage Damage in Your Place of Business or Commercial Building!

When your Commercial Property or Place of Business sustains a Sewage Loss Will You Clean it Up? Or make your Employees Clean it Up?  We hope not!

Sewage Damage is the most Dangerous form of Water Clean- Up.  The Contaminants and possibility of Blood - Borne Pathogens are Extremely High.  It is strongly encouraged that a Certified Restoration Company take Action and perform the necessary Sewage Clean- Up.

Contact SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno to Clean the Sewage Up and Perform Services!  We are the Professionals, with Experience, the Right Equipment, Cleaning Supplies and Personal Protection.  Let us do the Dirty Work, so your can keep your Business Moving!

Call Now if your Place of Business or Commercial Property Encountered a Sewage Loss at 650-794-1000.

WARNING! Mold Remediation in Progress!

10/19/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation WARNING! Mold Remediation in Progress! This is one of our WARNING! DO NOT ENTER SIGNS for Mold Remediation. This Sign Stops the Possible Spread of Mold Contamination.


When there is a WARNING or SAFETY SIGN Posted it is very Important to follow the Instructions.

During Mold Remediation Services SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno Posts WARNING! DO NOT ENTER SIGNS outside of our Containment's.  We place the Signs to Stop Anyone around from Entering and Stopping the Possible Spread of Mold Contamination to the Unaffected Areas.       

The Bottom Line is Warning and Safety Signs are a Type of Visual Communication Tools.  Each Work-site has a different type of Hazard.  Signs are posted for Workers and Anyone that may be in the Area to See.  Warning and Safety Signs are the First Line of Defense against Unsafe Conditions, Guidance and Information.

Please be sure to Acknowledge and Consider any Warning and Safety Sign you encounter for your Safety and Ultimate Protection.

San Mateo County Residents: Mold Issues

10/18/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation San Mateo County Residents: Mold Issues When you find Mold in your home it is best to Remediate it Properly. Contact the Professionals to take care of it for you! It's our Job!

Got Mold?  Know Who to Contact!

We at SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno answer many calls regarding Mold Issues.  In our last Blogs about "Got Mold?" we explained the importance of Fixing and Stopping the Source of Water Intrusion and what Steps to think about when Planning the Mold Remediation Process.  But now what do you do?

Why know Who to Contact?

If you have Mold Damage and want to Properly Remediate the Damages then you need to know who to contact and when to contact them.  Knowing who to contact and when to contact them will definitely help with the whole process.  It will also avoid over lapping and double scheduling with different parties; unless it is necessary.

So Who do you Contact and When?

1. Contact your Insurance:

  • See if your Insurance will provide Coverage for your Mold Damage. 
  • If so, they may assist with the Financials and may have additional Contacts to help you through the process. 
  • If not, then you will have to come out of pocket for your Mold Remediation.

2. Contact an Industrial Hygienist:

  • An Industrial Hygienist will test the Locations Air Quality and determine the type of Mold Growing.
  • They will also provide a Written Protocol on how to properly Remediate the Mold Damage.  This Written Protocol should be followed by a Certified Mold Restoration Company to Properly Remediate the Mold.
  • Please Note: Depending on the Age of the Building a Lead and Asbestos Test may be required.  An Industrial Hygienist can provide this Testing.
  • The Testing and Written Protocol for Mold Remediation can take 3-5 Days to receive.
  • SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno can provide three Industrial Hygienist Contacts if requested.

3. Contact a Certified Mold Restoration Company:

  • Once you have your Written Protocol from the Hygienist you can provide that report to the Certified Mold Restoration Company.  
  • Schedule an Inspection for the Mold Remediation.
  • Go over all the Details that will be required to perform the Mold Remediation Services from Starting to Finishing.
  • Schedule the Start of Mold Remediation.
  • The Inspection and Mold Remediation Process can take 5-12 Days depending on the Extent of Mold Damage
  • SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno can provide a Free Inspection and provide a Free Verbal Estimate during Normal Business Hours once the Written Protocol is received. 

4. Contact the Same Industrial Hygienist:

  • Once the Mold Remediation is Considered Completed by the Certified Mold Restoration Company you will than Contact the Same Industrial Hygienist to perform a Clearance Test.    
  • This Clearance Test will make sure the Air Quality is Back to Acceptable Levels and that the Certified Mold Restoration Company has done their Job Correctly.
  • This Clearance Test will also provide a Certificate showing your Home has a Clean Bill of Health.  
  • The Clearance Testing can take 24-48 Hours

5. Contact a Contractor:

  • Once the Location passes the Clearance Test by the Industrial Hygienist you can now begin the Build Back Process. 
  • Contact your Contractor to start the process.
  • Please Note: Before selecting a Contractor it is best to find out their time frame to start the build back process before the Mold Remediation begins.  

Having a better understanding on Who to Call and When to Call just makes the Mold Remediation Process much Smoother and Less Complicated.  

Stay tuned for our next "Got Mold?" Blog!

Contact SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno at 650-794-1000.  We are here for you during your Mold Remediation!

The Spread of Flying Embers

10/17/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage The Spread of Flying Embers Flying Burning Embers can travel away from the main fire point by wind. The Burning Embers can settle and ignite another spreading fire.

Prepare to Defend against Flying Embers

Flying Embers can spread through the wind up to 1 mile or so.  The Embers traveling further from the main fire point are not only Flying, but are burning as well and waiting to settle.  Once the Burning Embers find its resting point they can cause more fire to ignite.  Landing in an area that has plenty of fuel to feed and spread more fire to a flammable home.  To reduce the spread of flames to your home or property start to prepare and defend against the Flying Burning Embers.

Defend your Home from these Burning Embers and Prepare with these simple tips:

  • Clear all Combustible Debris and Hazards around your Home
  • Keep Lawn and Landscaping Watered on a regular basis
  • Cut your Grass or Lawn Regularly
  • Clear Dead Tree's, Branches, Pine Needles and Dead Leafs that accumulate in Foundations, Under Decks and next to your Home
  • Clear the Roof and Gutters of Dead Leaves and any Debris
  • Invest in Fire Resistant Roofing
  • Use Fire Resistant Plants, Rocks and Stone Landscaping next to Structures
  • Secure your Homes Eaves and Soffits with Solid Barriers
  • Have your Vents Screened with Ember Resistant Mesh/ Covers
  • Pile and Store Firewood away from your Home
  • Consider Non-Combustible Shutters
  • Up-Grade Windows
  • Consider Heat Resistant Drapes or Curtains
  • Look into having your Home or Property be Fire Resistant from the Ground Up

We at SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno believe it is very important to protect your investment.  Count on us for assistance and call 650-794-1000.