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Got Visible Signs of Mold Growth in the Bay Area!?!

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Got Visible Signs of Mold Growth in the Bay Area!?! This Home had small amounts of Visible Growth Present. But when Mold Remediation started an Extensive Amount of Mold was found in the Rooms Cavity.

When it comes to Mold what you Can See can be 10 Times Worse where you Can't See! 

If you can see visible Signs of Mold Growing there's a good chance that there is more Mold where you can not see.  Our Home Structures not only have Walls and Ceilings, but also have Cavities where Insulation is usually placed.  Mold Loves Dark, Damp and No Air Flow Places. Usually, Mold would first start in the Cavities and would slowly start to spread to the outer surfaces. When the Mold is Found it should be taken care of right away by a Professional! 

Control and Prevent Mold Growth by:

  • Monitoring Humidity Levels in the Home
  • Ventilating after the use of Showers, Laundry Dryers and the Cooking Areas
  • Fixing any Leaks from Pipelines, Supply Lines, Windows and Roofs
  • Properly Cleaning and Performing Professional Restoration Drying after any Water Damage

Call SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno for your Mold Concerns at 650-794-1000!

Attention Homeowners in the Bay Area, California!

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Attention Homeowners in the Bay Area, California! Call SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno at 650-794-1000 for your Fire or Water Damage Needs! We are here to Help!

With all the Fire Storms going on and the Winter Storms soon to be Approaching it is Highly Recommended to make sure your Homeowners Insurance Coverage is up to Date!

We hear many stories of Families and Friends loosing their Entire Homes and All their Belongings to the Current Fire Storms Happening in California.  It is truly devastating and sad to hear and see all that is going on.  It is Especially Sad to Us when hearing a Family Loosing Everything and to find out that their Homeowners Insurance Coverage has Lapsed and will not receive the help they would of had with that Insurance Coverage.  

Please make sure your Family and Friends are up to Date on their Homeowners Insurance.  This is very Important to have and that Coverage will defiantly help if you are ever affected by Any Fires or Water Damages.  

SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno Cares for all the People and Communities out there! Stay Safe and Strong!

Renters Insurance is encouraged in the Bay Area!

7/17/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Renters Insurance is encouraged in the Bay Area! This Bay Area Residence had Personal Belongings affected by Fire, Soot and Water. As the First Responders the Cleaning was started right away!

Why should Tenants have a Renters Insurance Policy?

As a First Responder for Emergency Services in the Bay Area, we see first hand the effects that can be caused by Fire, Smoke and Water Damages.  Not only to the Property, but we see Personal Property and Valuable Assets that become Damaged, Broken, Sooty, Spoiled, Contaminated and even Crumbled.  

It can become very Expensive to come out of Pocket for the Cleaning, Repairing or Replacing of affected Personal Belongings.   Especially if a Renter has to be Displaced for a period of time due to the Property being Damaged and in need of Repair. 

Since most of the Bay Area are Renters it is Highly Recommended to have Renters Insurance!  It is Truly sad to say most Tenants do not have Renter's Insurance and are at a Loss. The Landlords or Homeowners Insurance Policy will not Cover the Tenants Personal Property or Displacement in the Event of Fire or Water Damage.  Having Renter's Insurance will ensure your Cleaning, Repairing, Replacement and Even Displacement Costs.

Call SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno if you have Personal Belongings or Property Affected by Fire or Water at 650-794-1000.  We are your First Responders!

Cleaning can Prevent Mold in Homes!

7/17/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Cleaning can Prevent Mold in Homes! This Window Sill has Built up Dust and Condensation. Cleaning on a regular basis will prevent this kind of Build Up.

Did you know Cleaning Habits can Help Prevent Microbial Growth!

SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno receives many calls to Inspect Microbial Growth in Residential Homes and Businesses.  Usually the Visible Microbial Growth we see everyday are around Counter Tops, Sinks, Bathtubs, Shower Enclosures, Windows and even on the Window Blinds.  This usually happens because of Dust and Condensation Build Up. 

Many don't realize is Dust is made up of tiny particles that consist of plant pollen, earth, waste matter, hair, skin cells, food, mold spores and even bacteria.  The Dust can be carried in the Air and can Rest on the Ground or Surfaces.  When Condensation Builds Up the Dust becomes Moist which usually feeds and starts the spread of Microbial Growth.

It's best to perform Good Cleaning Habits on a regular basis.  Good Cleaning Habits are dusting, wiping, brushing, mopping, sweeping and vacuuming which will remove the Dust from the Surfaces.  Also, Airing Out the Home or Business by opening windows and doors on a regular basis will help prevent Condensation Build Up.  

Contact SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno if you need a Deep Cleaning at 650-794-1000.

A Storm without a Storm in the Peninsula!

7/17/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage A Storm without a Storm in the Peninsula! This Home in the Peninsula had Emergency Cleaning and Sanitizing Services performed to Raw Sewage in the Bathroom and Hallway.

Did a Storm Hit Up your Bathroom?

Yes, Accidents Happen!  It's Natural. It usually happens to the best of us!  Don't be afraid or embarrassed- Storms Happen! The only thing that matters is calling in for help when it's needed.  

SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno has Highly Trained Technicians that specialize in this type of Storm Clean Up!  We are your First Responders when it comes to Raw Sewage Clean Up and will take care of the mess for you.

We perform Deep Cleanings and have Special Equipment, Cleaning Products and Supplies.  We make sure the entire affected area is cleaned, sanitized and safe for you.    

Don't let this type of Storm interfere with your life. Contact us now at 650-794-1000!

Cleaning of Personal Belongings

7/17/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Cleaning of Personal Belongings This Metal Crest Heirloom was treated in our Ultra Sonic Machine and was cleaned and sanitized after Sewage Water Damage.

Can Sewage Damaged Personal Belongings be Cleaned?

Depending on the Type of Material of the Personal Belongings affected by Sewage Water can determine if it can be Salvaged or not.  When Cleaning Belongings affected by Sewage you want to make sure it can be completely cleaned and decontaminated. 

Usually any materials that are Porous cannot be Cleaned and Sanitized.  Some Porous Materials include Fabrics, Papers, Cardboard's and Untreated Woods.  The Porous Materials can soak in the Sewage Water and hold onto any Bacteria's that are found in the Sewage.   

Fortunately there are Non- Porous Materials that can be Treated, Cleaned and Sanitized when affected by Sewage Water.  Non- Porous Materials like Glass, Metals, Plastics and Varnished Woods can be decontaminated. 

For more Information on Sewage Water Damage contact us at 650-794-1000.  We are here to help!

Deep Cleaning to Restaurant on the Peninsula

7/17/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Deep Cleaning to Restaurant on the Peninsula This Restaurant on the Peninsula had Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing Services Performed after a Sewage Back Up from the Floor Drain.

Worried about the Health Inspectors Visiting your Restaurant?

Why wait for the Health Inspector to visit your Place of Business and give you a Failing Report with Violations that could have been prevented.  Keep your Place of Business Open with a Clean Bill of Health!  

SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno Specializes in Cleaning and Sanitizing.  We are your Local Emergency Service Providers here to assist you in your time of need.  Whether it be from too much Cooking and Preparing of food in the Kitchen or a Sewage Over Flow from the Main Restaurants Bathroom we are a call away.

Have your Customers not only talk about how good your food is, but how clean your restaurant is too!

Call SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno Now to Visit your Restaurant before the Inspector Does at 650-794-1000.

What Happens to Food After a Fire?

7/13/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage What Happens to Food After a Fire? This Food from the Bay Area has to be disposed. Food that is Opened and Exposed during a Fire is deemed non-salvageable and should be discarded.

Can Food be Saved After a Fire?

Many Customers ask if they can save and eat their food after a fire has happened in their home. Well, Unfortunately, we always recommend "NO", not to Eat or Save Food that has been involved or around a fire.   

Food can become contaminated and spoiled from the Fire's Excessive Heat and Soot becoming Air Borne with Gases and Particles spreading around the Home from the Fire.  The Food becomes non-salvageable and is recommended not to use, Especially any exposed and opened food products.   

When Food is determined to be discarded after a Fire it is best to keep an Inventory with Photos for documentation purposes.  

For More Information on Fire Mitigation Services Call SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno at 650-794-1000!

Water Damage at Shopping Centers in the Bay Area!

7/12/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Damage at Shopping Centers in the Bay Area! This Shopping Center had Water Damage occur After Hours. Our Technicians was able to Extract the Standing Water Right Away!

Shopping Centers have Water Damage Too!

Water Damage doesn't only happen in Our Houses, but happens in Shopping Centers too. Many people don't think or worry about Water Damage happening and shouldn't have too. Unless, of course it does happen. 

Unfortunately, Water Damage can and does happen to the best of all of us!  Especially during unexpected times; for example, a Customer can be Shopping in a Department Store and all of a sudden notice Water Gushing through the Walls. Or an Employee can unexpectedly have Water Drops Fall on them from the Ceiling of the Store. When this Happens it's best that the Managers of the Store are notified right away!  Delay in Water Damage Restoration Services will only cause more Damage to the Store and Business.  

SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno hopes when this Happens the Shopping Center wont leave their Customers or Regular Employees to worry about the Water Damage, but has a Plan of Action Set for Water Damage Emergencies.  

Call SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno at 650-794-1000! We Provide Emergency Water Restoration Services!

Mold Happens in the Bay Area!

7/12/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Happens in the Bay Area! This Home in the Bay Area had Secondary Damages Occur from not Properly Drying a Water Loss that happened in the Bathroom.

Mold Can Happen When the Professionals are not Called!

Did you suffer a Water Loss and not call in the Professionals to help?  Did you just Clean and Towel Dry the Surfaces after the Water Damage Loss? 

If so, you are at risk for Secondary Damages.  Secondary Damages can consist of Mold Growth and Wood Rot. When Customers try to take care of Water Losses themselves and are hesitate for calling in the Professionals, they are doing more Damage than Good.  It's great to Clean the Water away yourself, but best to have a Professional Inspect to make sure nothing is wet. 

The Benefit of having Professionals called in for Water Damage is knowing that Materials will Actually be Checked for any Moisture and will be Dried Properly if Required, so the Secondary Damages don't occur in your home.  No Water Loss is to Big or Small and knowing you can contact the Professionals for help and assistance will ensure your Homes Health in the long run.

SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno are your Professionals to Call! Contact Us at 650-794-1000!