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Call the Professionals for Water Damages caused by Storms!

10/26/2018 (Permalink)

The longer you wait to start the Drying Process the longer it will take to get your Home or Business Back Together!

Did your Home or Business get affected by a Storm?

Don't wait to call in the Professionals if you had Water Damage caused by Heavy Rain Falls or Flooding.  The longer you wait to start the Drying Process the more severe damages can start and the more expensive it can get. 

Contact SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno, we specialize in the Cleaning and Drying to all Water Damages.  Don't wait to get your Home or Business back to normal.  Don't wait for the Water Damage to turn to Mold Damage! 

Whether your Water Damage is caused by Storms, Supply Line Failures or Sewage Over Flows Call the Professionals Right away!  We receive many calls weeks after the Source of Water Intrusion and by then its to late! 

Don't wait any longer!  Call SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno at 650-794-1000!

Find the Water Intrusion Right Away!

10/23/2018 (Permalink)

Find and Fix the Source of Water Intrusion right away to prevent further Water Damages! Don't wait till it's to late!

Find the Water Intrusion Right Away during a Storm!

When a Storm Hits and you notice Water coming into your Home or Business during the rain find where and how the Water is getting in right away.

Don't wait to stop the Water Intrusion Once found.  Whether the Water is entering through your roof, cracks on the exterior, windows or even from the ground it is best to get the Source found and fixed right away to prevent further damages.  Having the Source Found and Fixed during the current Rain Fall will ensure you have successfully stopped the Source of Water Intrusion Completely.  

Waiting to have the Source fixed can cause serious damages to your Home or Business, especially when dealing with Water.

Contact SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno if you Recently had Water Damage at 650-794-1000.  We are the Professional Water Mitigation Specialists!

Attention Homeowners in the Bay Area, California!

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno at 650-794-1000 for your Fire or Water Damage Needs! We are here to Help!

With all the Fire Storms going on and the Winter Storms soon to be Approaching it is Highly Recommended to make sure your Homeowners Insurance Coverage is up to Date!

We hear many stories of Families and Friends loosing their Entire Homes and All their Belongings to the Current Fire Storms Happening in California.  It is truly devastating and sad to hear and see all that is going on.  It is Especially Sad to Us when hearing a Family Loosing Everything and to find out that their Homeowners Insurance Coverage has Lapsed and will not receive the help they would of had with that Insurance Coverage.  

Please make sure your Family and Friends are up to Date on their Homeowners Insurance.  This is very Important to have and that Coverage will defiantly help if you are ever affected by Any Fires or Water Damages.  

SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno Cares for all the People and Communities out there! Stay Safe and Strong!

A Storm without a Storm in the Peninsula!

7/17/2018 (Permalink)

This Home in the Peninsula had Emergency Cleaning and Sanitizing Services performed to Raw Sewage in the Bathroom and Hallway.

Did a Storm Hit Up your Bathroom?

Yes, Accidents Happen!  It's Natural. It usually happens to the best of us!  Don't be afraid or embarrassed- Storms Happen! The only thing that matters is calling in for help when it's needed.  

SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno has Highly Trained Technicians that specialize in this type of Storm Clean Up!  We are your First Responders when it comes to Raw Sewage Clean Up and will take care of the mess for you.

We perform Deep Cleanings and have Special Equipment, Cleaning Products and Supplies.  We make sure the entire affected area is cleaned, sanitized and safe for you.    

Don't let this type of Storm interfere with your life. Contact us now at 650-794-1000!

Crawl Space Sewage Clean-Up in the Bay Area!

7/12/2018 (Permalink)

This Crawl Space had Raw Sewage caused by a Storm in the Bay Area. Our Technicians Cleaned and Sanitized Right Away!

Raw Sewage Damage in Crawl Space from a Storm!?!

Believe it or not, Storms can Cause Sewage Back Ups.  Sewage Water can get Backed-Up and Cause a lot of Damage due to Heavy Rainfalls and Clogged Drains.  When you suddenly notice a Foul Smelling Odor permeating through your Home or Business and Know its Sewage, but do not see any Discharge anywhere- Check your Crawl Space! You May be Surprised to find Raw Sewage. 

It is not a pretty sight and not everyone can endure it. But!  Luckily, we at SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno have Great Technicians and Experience with Cleaning Raw Sewage, so you don't have to get dirty or put up with the smell any longer!  Our Technicians make sure the Cleaning and Sanitizing is done correctly and efficiently.  We have the Resources to Handle Raw Sewage!

If you think your Crawl Space has Raw Sewage and Don't want to Look- Call Us Now at 650-794-1000.  We are Ready!

Heavy Rain Can Cause Sewer Backups!

11/3/2017 (Permalink)

This Business had a Sewage Backup caused from a Storm. Our Technicians was able to get onsite to Properly Clean and Mitigate the Sewage Damages.

Did you know Heavy Rains can cause Sewer Backups in your Home or Business?

Storms bring Heavy Rains and Heavy Rains can bring Floods.  Floods are known for causing extensive Water Damage to Homes and Businesses.  Even if the Flooding Area is away from your Property it can possibly cause a Sewage Backup inside your Home or Place of Business.

When the Public Drain System becomes over burdened with water and exceeds it's boundaries the Combined Sewer System becomes Overwhelmed and starts to stop the flow of water which then causes Water and Sewage to Reverse it's Flow of Direction.  When this happens the Sewage and Water starts to Backup in Toilets, Sinks, Showers, Bathtubs and Floor Drains.  That Sewage and Water will spread beyond it's limits inside Homes and Businesses.

If this Happens to you during a Heavy Rain Storm it is best to call a Professional Water Restoration Company, because if not Cleaned and Mitigated Properly that Sewage Backup can create a Health Hazard in your Home or Place of Business.

Call SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno at 650-794-1000!  We are the Professionals!

Storms in San Mateo County

10/19/2017 (Permalink)

This is a perfect example of what can happen after a Storm Hits in our Area. This Storm brought Heavy Winds and Rain with Fallen Trees and Debris.

Checking for Damages after a Storm

After a Storm hits our Community it is important to check for damages to your Residential or Commercial Property.  Storms bring Heavy Rain, Strong Winds, Debris, Fallen Trees and Branches.  Checking for any damages to your property is essential to keep any secondary damages from occurring.  

Where to Identify Any Damages

Roof Damage

  • Missing Shingles on Roof
  • Cracked or Broken Tiles, Slates or Concrete Shingles
  • Debris collected in Gutters or Down Spouts
  • Dents to Vents, Gutters or Flashings
  • Leaks in Roof or Ceilings

Exterior Damage

  • Cracks and Splitting to Siding or Stucco
  • Holes and Breaks to Siding or Stucco
  • Chipping or Discoloration to Paint
  • Vinyl or Metal Siding completely ripped off

Window Damage

  • Shattered Windows
  • Cracks or Holes
  • Broken Panes
  • Damaged Frames

The Exterior of our Homes or Business Sustains the Most Damage after a Storm Hits.  Inspecting your property is very important and can prevent Water from entering your Home or Business.  Maintain your Property and Prevent Severe Water Damage.  

Call SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno if you suspect Water Damage after a Storm at 650-794-1000.  We are Ready to assist you!

Storms in South San Francisco City

10/17/2017 (Permalink)

The Heavy Rain is on its way. Flooding can occur at any time and any place.

The Wet Storms will soon be approaching

Storms with heavy rains and winds will soon start again.  SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno encourages you to prepare before the weather turns.  Every residence and business has a role to play with keeping the community safe.  

Preparing for Heavy Rain and Strong Winds

  • Trim Dead or Damaged Tree Branches
  • Have Dead Trees Removed
  • Clear Debris from Sidewalks and Drains
  • Help keep Storm Drains on your Street Clear of Clutter and Garbage
  • Clear your Gutters of Dead Leaves
  • Do not put Dead Leaves or Debris on Sidewalks or Streets
  • Secure your Fences
  • Check your Roof for Loose Tiles or Shingles
  • Secure your Garbage's and Outside Furniture 
  • Have Sand Bags Ready

Protect your Property and Community from Flooding and Wind Damages.  Contact SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno at 650-794-1000.  We are Prepared to Help during Storms!

San Mateo County Flood Tips

7/31/2017 (Permalink)

In this Photo South San Francisco had an unexpected Flood. Flooding can happen anywhere at anytime.

What to do in case of Flooding!

It is very important to know what to do in case a flood strikes in your neighborhood.  Especially if the local news is providing early warning signs of possible flash flooding in your area.  Being better prepared for floods can save your life and property.

Know the Difference between "Flood Watch" and "Flood Warnings".  "Flood Watch" means it is possible Flooding can or will occur. "Flood Warning" means the Flooding is Happening and Starting to Occur.

Basic Flash Flooding Tips while Driving or Walking:

  • Listen to your local News or Radio Stations
  • Avoid Driving or Walking through Flood Water
  • Moving Flood Water can knock you down or sweep your vehicle away
  • Do not go near downed power lines
  • Try and move to higher grounds when flooding occurs
  • If your'e in your Vehicle and Flood Water is not moving abandon your Vehicle
  • If your'e in your Vehicle and the Flood Water is moving stay in your Vehicle until safe
  • Avoid parking around streams, creeks and rivers during heavy rainfall

Basic Flash Flooding Tips for your Home: 

  • Listen to your Local News or Radio Station
  • Bring Outdoor Furniture inside
  • Set up Sand Bags in Front of Entrances
  • Move important Indoor Belongings off the Ground or to the Upper Level of Home
  • Disconnect Electrical Appliances.  Be Careful you can get electrocuted if wet
  • Turn off Gas and Electricity at the Main Switch or Valve if Instructed

If Flooding occurs in your neighborhood and your home is affected; contact SERVPRO of South San Francisco City/ San Bruno at 650-794-1000 and we would be more than happy to assist you.